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The WEF Global Shapers Community (GSC) consists of young people who show great potential to improve the world. GSC is non-profit and non-political. At our Ho Chi Minh City hub, we strive to make a difference to the well-beings of all citizens.

-Global Shapers HCMC

Why we do what we do

The Global Shapers Community is a worldwide network of Hubs developed and led by promising young leaders who want to build on their achievements and entrepreneurial drive to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Visit: for introduction

Global Shaper Ho Chi Minh City Hub comprises of 15+ Shapers who are young leaders in their respective fields as well as social contribution, committed to improving the state of the local community.

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Our Hub’s History

  • 2011

    Hub was founded


  • 2012

    First project: <...>


  • 2013

    Reached 10 members


  • 2015

    Reached 15 members


  • 2016

    Scale up our impact!



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Step Up

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